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You People Need Help January 26, 2010

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….and apparently what you need help with is finding inbred children. Your searches are consistent. Um….that’s weird. So I wish you luck if you came here looking for inbred children, and frankly, I hope you stay. You’re just the right audience for me.


Oh, Good Lord I’ve Sold Out! January 13, 2010

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Not really, but I am making an effort to pay bills with my writing, rather than just paying the piper.

So Check It.

And if you check it, I will give you more thoughts like this: Not a joke, I had a dream that President Obama sat down at my cafeteria table, tray and all…some kind of “everyman” thing he was doing. Most people would dream to have an intelligent conversation, perhaps asking an intriguing question…but what did I do in my dream? Well, I said “Give me some of your tots”. Yeah. And then I woke up to my life as the person who had that dream. How did I ever find somebody to love me????


Nerd Bastards November 19, 2009

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Hello Dear Readers. I realize it has been a long while since my last post. That is because you do not give me money to write this blog, so I can be extremely negligent and you cannot fire me.

But enough about you…I wanted to alert you all that I am now writing for another website, which you may enjoy. Please click here to see my work on and be sure to give me great compliments and encouragement so that I feel special and important!


Jesus January 9, 2009

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I recently started designing T-Shirts to sell to a company looking for designs (which shall remain un-named until they BUY some!). Aside from the sinful blasphemy, whaddya think?!

Here is the first of a few “Keep on Texting with Jesus” designs.

jesus texts too.

jesus texts too.


Its 2009 and I am back to jingle the GORP!

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Yes, yes, it is true, GORP became quite quiet over the past couple of months. Don’t fret, dear reader (or both of you)…GORP is back.

Most blog hiatuses are explained with a bunch of boring lists of why there was no time, too much was happening, etc. But you can count on GORP for honesty and idiocy. Turns out there is no good reason to neglect people looking for bona fide crap.

So welcome back. Lets get this thing started, shall we?


I won’t say too much about the photo above, just that this guy is one of my heroes. He’s probably in the garage right now grumbling about something or other. Good for you bud!


Wednesday, October 15, 2008 — Spa– Spe — Spegh — Oh, Never Mind! October 15, 2008

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Lunch Report: Spaghetti leftovers from last night. On the radio this morning there was a little segment with some kid trying to spell “spaghetti” and she couldn’t do it. It’s fate. Spaghetti fate.


Dune Asss Fancy Buggies — Get’em Hot and Fresh Here! September 26, 2008

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